Below are several different projects with images of corresponding design work. Each project also has a short description to list my responsibilities in each project.

iPhone App


ARBall is an outdoor video game and augmented reality social experience like nothing you've seen before! Play real-time soccer against your friends using invisible balls. Send your friends on scavenger hunts. Kick a virtual ball around your yard. Place a virtual ball on your friends lawn. Create virtual geocaches. I was the Lead Designer on this project, including logo, branding, mockups, and all graphics for the tutorials and icons.



An internal, agile development team targeting legacy applications that needed migration into new responsive technology developed in Ruby-on-Rails based on Bootstrap.  As the Lead UX/UI Designer I created branding, designed the APP store, and an application template with themes, to be used for all applications development for different projects .



This project was an employee recognition application exercise. I worked with a team of 10 agile developers, managers and Scrum Master. The project required DHS's own branding, plus a look and feel that added a fun and innovative feeling that reflected modern social media. This helped employees feel comfortable and excited about participating.


Muse - the Musical

When Eric Charles McGee, composer and creator of "Muse", a rhythm and blues, hop-hop musical, approached me about a CD cover, I was delighted to help support his own "muse". The project grew into a website and soon to be created poster and other marketing material for the play, being produced in the DC area in 2018. www.musethemusical

ICMA- RC - Retirement

City of Long Beach

The City of Long Beach, California needed a website that helped their employees plan their retirement. Working with COLB project manager, Kelley Mienig, from Lattice Group Inc., we created a design for a powerfully simple Micro-site.The client requested non-traditional navigation and as the user experience expert, I knew a 'wizard' approach would work great. The client agreed!  


National Agricultural Library

This government library is a large resource for farmers, producers and agricultural scientists all over the world.  They were just creating a new website in a responsive environment for the first time and needed some ideas in how to create something for an internal site within the department. 



A computer-based training site that is tailored for adults seeking to get their GED, or just improve their chances of getting a better job. GED Pathway, and Skills Compass were sister applications that a client of mine purchased and then upgraded both backend and front end. Within the system there were three distinct websites that needed to be integrated.  My design embraced a colorful yet sophisticated look a feel, with three clear color themes. to learn more