New Site Design

By October 6, 2016 No Comments

So who isn’t in a hurry these days? I’ve been designing for over 12 years as a professional web/UX/UI designer and it seems that in all my projects clients are committed to finding ways to create websites faster and more efficiently these days.  And it’s getting worse every project.  Always in a hurry. Sprints, deadlines, remote meetings while your trying to drive home after working hours, or worse on Sunday when your trying to relax.

I’ve designed this new website using a template because I just don’t have time to build a website from scratch. Just like everyone else I just can’t work it into my busy day.  Instead of a cool Bootstrap site in html using good old Dreamweaver, I’ve used WordPress and just a plain old customized a theme (sorry Themeforest – no insult intended).  Instead of creating a site from scratch, I spent time getting screen shots of work I’ve done, and grabbed images from portfolios I’ve thrown up on three different sites, click-and-dragging images from folders I use to save images for recruiters or better yet, direct hires. Finally – I took the time to make a site that’s better, faster, cleaner, and more user friendly, pulling all the strings from all the different areas of life right here into one site. Shew!

I think I’ll cook a beef stew from scratch tomorrow – fresh everything. No pre-cooked broth, veggies, all from scratch.  Ha. If only I had the time.

I hope you enjoy this new site, and all my work I’ve been creating over the last two years. It’s been a long time coming. Thanks for believing in me as a designer and welcome!